Sunday, June 25, 2017

An 8 hour round trip to get our orange kitten. Only planned on getting him until we saw his little brother. This is the ride home.

Baby otter nap

"This is fine"

My dog Zeus likes to sit in our pond and stare at the fish

She was trying so hard to stay up late with us

Daddy's home!

First night in his new home. I rescued this guy from the pound.

Cow getting its itch scratched

Tundra was pretty happy about being adopted.

I think somebody needs to be told who the good boy is

Doggo Support

Little fox decided it was nap time.

Goodboye service dog enjoying some firefighter love

Doggo patiently waits for the toy surgeon

My new pup enjoying the rare winter sun!

Cutest photoboom of all-time

I see the moth you found at work and raise you this moth I found at home...

Mom!!! There's a sugar glider in my fruit snacks

Where's the ball?

He decided to hitch a ride

Motivation is all you need.

I am so glad I chose rescue.

A Fox and a hound

A friend brought her new puppy to work with her... She was all ears!

When you're in a bad mood and someone is trying to cheer you up

Rescued this pupper today and brought her home :~)

My wife found a tiny kitten all alone in our backyard and after some investigation discovered it had fallen out of this cat nest...

That's not a cat... THIS IS A CAT!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Boulder County Sheriff’s Office deputy questions a baby owl

Not a bad job I have

Everything in my life just got put on hold.

Trying to bite every raindrop

This moth I spotted at work yesterday.

Licking the air while she sleeps

What the hell, human?!

Imma attack that ocean so hard. Raaawwwrrrr!!!


My ducks are ten years old today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My brother and his kitten, Hans, on a road trip back to Connecticut

What if I sit down?

Cat fishing on ice

This kittycat always waits for me at the door so he can ride the elevator with me and gives me a cuddle as a thank you!

This is Archie. He's a good boy. Yesterday was his 1st birthday.

Got this lil' fella an hour ago.

Found this pretty kitty roaming our backyard

Attempting to feed the local trash pandas

Well, this is my life now

My dad said he didn't want another dog... okay dad

My pup spoons me every morning without fail

A critically endangered Western Lowland Gorilla stares into her baby's eyes.