Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weimaraner SunnySide Up!

My partner has anxiety and struggles with me working nights, so I've surprised her with a ferocious guard dog.

Lab embrace

Polaris two years ago and now

When your cat is pushing 20 years old, but can still pull off that innocent baby look.

Red Panda trying to open a door

We had a visitor in our back yard.

I am unreasonably attached to this little shit.

My horse's gift to my dog

One toy isn't enough. Gotta have at least two.

So apparently yesterday someone posted a photo of me and made it to front page? Here's the real me with the real Ruby (3 months older than yesterday's puppy pic)

This birthday pupper turns 18 today! 🎂🎁🎈🎉🎊

Every morning

fluffy baby moo cow

Sun's out, Tongues out

My cat feeling like a lion after seeing grass for the first time.

Been begging the wife to let us get a puppy to grow up with our 5 month old daughter she has been completely against it until today.. everyone say hello to Presley our new 8 week old English golden retriever

After nearly 63 years of marriage, my parents still look at each other this way. My Mom has Alzheimer's. My Dad is her caregiver. She doesn't always know who he is, but he makes her feel safe and loved.

Big enough to take himself for a walk

Heard a cry outside of my bedroom window and found this little guy.

Back when Bubba got tanked off warm formula.. So damn cute.

Budgie Ball Balance

He doesn't quite know his name yet, but he sure knows how to pose for pictures - Reddit meet Leo

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Just bought a slow cooker...

We recently moved and while cleaning, noticed hundreds of this good girl's nose prints on the bottom of my daughter's door. She checks on her over and over while she is asleep.

I'm the good was him.

My boy was so happy to be part of our wedding

Needs someone to cuddle with after leaving her mom

Mother daughter bonding time

My wife and I just added a new member to our family...Reddit meet Stella.

I have found my bestfriend. Reddit, meet Charles.

Who ate the tater tots?

My two 12 week old pups posing for a quick picture before the fighting resumed

Safe mode

This kitten has the cutest and most unusual ears ever

Moved back home and my gf replaced me with this little fella. Regret

"Let me just...close my eyes real qui--"

The precise moment at which my dog realized he was about to be thokked on the head by a tennis ball

This dog cuddling a baby cuddling a fox plush

Walking is hard

Girlfriend and I had to wait on a family to cross the street yesterday

Reddit, this is Flower. She's blind as shit.

My brothers puppy graduated puppy school today and he's pleased as punch!

2 week old baby goat named Tiny Tim enjoying human

Not the cat you want to meet late night