Sunday, April 30, 2017

Goat selfie. Yes, I know she's prettier than me. I accept it.

She's too cute

How can you not love this pic.

Wife and I adopted our first yesterday. While we were meeting him people kept coming in and saying "He's way too old." Joke's on them. He's just perfect.

Here's me.

My friend just drew my dog Maple.

Simply speechless

Puppy having some trouble getting on his raft

Princess kitty

Just enjoying his snack :)

If he was a human, he'd be a model

My grandparents in front of the home they built 58 years ago. They'll be married 60 years in August ❤️

Growing up is hard

Vicious elephant attack

The face my dog gives me when asked if he loves me

When they don't want you to love them...

i halp

My sister's approx. 12 year old rescue. Finally enjoying her slice of retirement. Reddit, meet Mary.

Cat wants attention

This is Amber, she steals my clothes and looks better in them.

Mother and her little kitten

This otter...aww..

New Zealand Police have a guinea pig for a mascot

Our kitten moments before pouncing, can see the universe through her eyes.

My buddy Major says hello! 18 weeks and loving life.

Her first night home and all she wants to do is cuddle

Posing for the camera

My cat turned two yesterday. Photo by me.

Definitely not snek

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Adorable baby horse

I wonder what he's dreaming


Every morning on my way to work my neighbours dog pops up to say good morning!

A baby hippo

We're running out of walks together but for now, all is good.

Baby birb in mini sweater

This Is Why We Love Dogs So Much!

Ewww stop that!

Ear scratches make everything better

He always has to stretch after a nap

Time To Sleep

He cracked open a pen. Blue footprints everywhere!


Poor dog's terrifying first train ride...

Silly lil baby foxes

We got a family photo and he managed to derp it all up

Bath time!

A hug between friends.

The sweetest smile ever...