Tuesday, February 28, 2017

These two are the best of friends

Silly pup 😝

Okay, I'm convinced. Puppies are made of rubber.

Dad and daughter after a successful doctor's visit!

One big happy family

This is Jake


Someone was playing in the mud

Can tell the difference

Kitten up close

Maybe she's born w it, maybe it's mane-baline

Wobbly cat speeds up for treats

Just a couple of dogs sharing a shower

Can you confirm allegations that you are a good boy?

she's a golden retriever and husky mix!

Trying to lose fingers.

Get it off!

I think he's had enough

Rats are cute too!

Not the usual thing

Puppies napping.

Red pandas are snow cute!

Caught this big guy napping while his humans rock climbed in Red Rock Canyon.

A happy little piglet.

Dog is a little confused while riding down escalator

Llamas can be cute

Monday, February 27, 2017

My dog had a spiritual experience at the Grand Canyon

I turned 23 today. This is what I got as my birthday present. Everyone meet Luna!

Blinking frog

"Mine At Last!"

I run to help you, friend :)

Hard to believe these little guys can get into so much trouble!!

Father and son


She'll grow into it...

Dis mine now

An Eye for an Eye

The dog I got from the shelter yesterday

Puppy looks like Sir Patrick Stewart

Three of a Kind

His face says he'd do it again in a heartbeat


I dumped all of her toys on the floor at once and she malfunctioned

Good boy waits for his human at the station after a week away

"This is my family, I watch over and protect them"

Ready to pounce

"Can I have my bunny?"

That Smirk

My cat decided he needed to do some sun bathing today.

When your Wife runs shit in the house.