Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Corgi Bunny

Dog has trouble climbing stairs, so owner makes an elevator for him

I was having my car repaired when this little fellow ran out from behind the service desk and jumped into my lap

My cat has feline hyperesthesia syndrome and refuses to wear his cone of shame but the plate of disgrace doesn't seem to bother him

It's a hungry little noodle

These two cats getting freaked out by a simple metronome is too much

Picked up my cat and he just kept going...

Rock, paper, scissors.. A cute cartoon

Hate it when the door is sealed

This husky has destroyed all of her stuffed animals...except this one!

This little kitty slipped

"I must go! My people need me."

Guess which one of them was recently adopted

5 more minutes...

Replace your scissors with this little fella

So my NEW kitten learned a NEW trick today 😑

A new perspective

When you're no longer the only child....

Some days you just have to bite a table.

My bacon.

I rescued Stanley and his hippo today. The shelter said they were a package deal..

This dog will sit like this for hours..

Monday, January 30, 2017

"Hello? Yes this is dog."

I'm standing. I'm a big girl now!

When you are trying to be a hunter, but you are just too cute

Any Rottweiler lovers here?

Just trying to pay her way though obedience school

Raccoons, roll out!

My 15 year old best friend

Sit so I can kiss you!

He likes when his dog blanket is tied like a cape

Pure joy found in fallen leaves

How cute ????

My brother drove over 600 miles to get this little fellow.

The second male calico the vet has seen in over 54 years of practice!

Pup seeing snow for the first time

Husky and Tiger

Taco cat..

French Bulldog puppy

This doofus just turned one. Wife for scale.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Birth must be a bitch

This doorstop doesn't work

High Fives To Brighten Your Day

Young Canadian Lynxes

Beware of Best Friends

My friend photographs shelter puppies each weekend. This one decided to relax on his toy.

Frank in his bb8 costume

Hey Reddit, meet my new puppy Sergeant Puppers🐶

Baby donkeys are so cute

As you can see, Juniper enjoys car rides.