Monday, August 21, 2017

We found her today and we're naming her eclipse for the special occasion

Relationship Goals

" At the US Marine's War Dog Memorial "

Well hello there !

Goodbye Mufasa. I'm the King now.

My girls want to know if they're cute enough for r/aww

I met a cat while visiting family in France. His name is Moustique, and he loves head scratches.

Added a little girl to the family. This is Sally mid-nap

Violet Climbs a Rock as a Newborn, and She Climbs the Same Rock Again One Year Later

She slept like this for over an hour

Goodnight Reddit!

An officer and her dog (K-9 Unit)

When you lie on your resume but still get the job

My friend's falcon, he missed her all day

My son moved out 2 months ago and today he came to visit. I think our dog missed him.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Griffin really wants to be on r/aww

This is my dog Archer with his new toy. You can look at it, but don't even think about touching that toy!

"Was that you? You're silly."

This dog saved her puppies from a fire at home and placed them safely inside of a fire truck.

Shopping for treats

The fearsome Ocelot

Nosey neighbor

Little girl and alpaca turned into a cartoon

"Breaks over, I've got a hole to dig."

I need one of these little guys! :D

The best kind of good boy helping with shopping

My GF's 11 year old good boy.

This is her favorite spot

Tail in the air

Lmao, this is so ridiculous.

The cutest thing I've seen all day!

Dingo pups are super excited to see a zookeeper who's been away for a while

10/10 would summon again.

A few months back I organised a dog fest for my birthday where all my friends would bring their dogs and we'd have a picnic in the park. Many people let me down and instead of the 16 promised dogs I only had the pleasure of meeting one. Her name was Honey Bunch and she was more than enough for me.

Big Pupper Wants All The Cuddles

Saving Fox Pup

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jumped off the high dock. Went completely underwater. Instant regret.

Dog takes a bullet for owner

Don't you hate it when strangers on flights want you to share your snacks?

This girl we met at the city shelter today.

Meet Delilah, the only little girl in a litter of orange tabby boys.

Fluffy Scottish Highland Calf

Doggy daycare class photo

When you will wake up late

My brother and his 17 yo puppy Blaze (and me) on his wedding day -- he had the wedding party stop on the way to the reception so he could snap a few photos

T-1000 Bunny Edition

One year older, same young spirit

"Do I have something on my head?"

Police rescued a dog sitting in a car on a hot day