Thursday, December 14, 2017

The garbage men in my town got my dog a custom Christmas ornament and card!

One year later

Duck and its Human Wake Up

This pregnant dog got its own maternal photo shoot and I couldn't be happier

Aerodynamic kitty engaged

Wake up!

Man saves kitty from traffic, gets paid with cuddles afterwards

[UPDATE]: It's Been 48 hrs. Jose The Taco Bell Cat Has No Chip and Has Not Been Reported Missing at Local Shelters. Can I Keep Him, Reddit?

On the left: the blind horse ( Elona) on the right: her eyes (Jaco) who never let her down

Some people wake up to the love of their life. I wake up to this 😍

Moon Moon wants a new friend.

Nice lady held this puppo like gold

Bliss :)

Before and after I tell her she’s the cutest of all the patoots

Trust fall

So I'm In The Taco Bell Drive Through and He Jumps Through My Car Window and Into My Lap. Reddit Meet Jose!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Yesterday I got my first ever kitty, everyone meet Oreo!

What is tha...OMG it's on you it's on you!!!


Whenever we pull into the drive and there is a cat close by our boy, Drake, thinks he has to “save” it. He will pick them up and carry them off to his dog house or the porch. He’s a good boy.

My Dad found a Snowy Owl on the side of the road. Here it is chilling on his briefcase on the way to the DNR!

Gotta be quicker than that!

"I guess I'm the tree now"

This cat comes around just to get my cats angry.

A calm winter day

Look at that face...

Husky playing Hide-and-Seek

Corgi wrap

My blue heeler, I love her

leave the work because it's time to play.

This dog loves the snow

He doesn't want his favorite human to go on vacation

Bestof /r/Aww, 2017 nominations thread!

Cleo wanted a picture in front of the Christmas tree. Absolute poser.

Finally got me a shotgun rider! World, meet Appollo - with two Ps. His five month stay at the shelter came to an end today.

Kitty rescued from Brooklyn Streets is super tired

He’s never been allowed on the furniture, but at his age I thought he deserved a treat almost 12 yr old Loki. When we adopted him at 4m, they said he would be medium sized. They lied. 124 lbs, 3 ft tall at shoulder.

My new unhelpful helper

I’ve wanted a dog for a long time. Finally, my wife and I are bringing this beautiful man home.

Mother Saving Her Kitten From A Slippery Fall

Wasn’t really impressed with cats until I met this one; felt he might belong here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I can be like the horses too.

Fletcher came home from the shelter today. My first dog in years. I’m so excited to have a buddy!

Throw the ball, please.

I work at a car dealership and we participate in toys for tots. An elderly gentlemen came in about an hour ago with a bag to contribute. Upon further inspection, I found a bag filled with about 20 little hand-made wooden toy trucks and cars. It’s truly heart warming to see things like this.

Wrapped up but still happy

Not a dog, but a heckin' good boy nevertheless

Lazy day snugs are the best

A labrador labradoing what a labradog labrado

My mom loved to dress her dogs up every holiday. So I decided to carry on her tradition for their first holiday since her passing!