Saturday, December 31, 2016

My cat is very sick and things aren't looking very good. In an attempt to get me out of the house while still easing my worries, my husband set up a live stream of Noodle. Pull through little buddy! You've had many likes on Reddit before and much love for you!

Live-action Bambi

The Fox and the hound are all grown up

New Year New Life! Welcome to the family!

Baby Axolotls can be cute too.

I was told there is free karma for this sort of thing on this sort of day (cakeday).

Stealth Level 48.

He likes to hold hands when driving

I don't see many chinchillas on here, so here's my girl Coco!

Disk of Fox Fluff

Dipper being adorable

Follow the leader

"Look at my paws, I cleaned them all by myself"

To anyone who thinks pigs aren't cute: you're wrong


Tiny horse on the beach.

My dad built a ramp so our 20 year old cat can still get into the bed.

Kneading purrito

Too much

Kitten stuck in slipper makes a valiant effort at escape. Succeeds.

Friday, December 30, 2016

That moment he realized we aren't going to the park.

Pupper: You know why I'm here.. I carried it all by myself!

Robin Williams hugging Koko the Gorilla

When you wake up and realize it's still winter break

Licking Contest.... Who wins?

Don't make me angry

Caught my old man's reaction to me coming home today...took him a while to stand up, but he managed!

Princess Whisperclaw.

Not even close.


Chubby and happy!

I see your muddy pupper, and I raise you mine.

3 years later...he hasn't changed

Cat "fight"

Pure love

When it snows and you own a working dog

Meet Arnold, Baby Ostrich at 2 Days old.

These cats are not happy with their presents

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I think someone is trying to tell me he wants to come inside

No Regrets

one of these are not like the other

When your dog wants to take a selfie :)

They share everything

My pit after his shower.

Herd gathers to welcome a new baby


My kid is seriously in love with her first puppy

Fluffy lynx enjoys a good scratch

Why have you forsaken me hoooman

Dog for scale