Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meet my buddy Bodhi

They watched the whole movie like this.

My dog Yogi who runs rampant on the property finds me taking a picture of a mountain. I put phone on burst and captured this!

Wolf Doggie...and a little boop.

Yyyyyyyeess ?

The cutest way to weigh an animal

Baby Dolphin

Derp like nobody's watching now

Tummy Rub

Santa asking what a deaf girl wants for Christmas in sign-language

My mom sent me this today after I told her she was crazy to think her cat made "facial expressions"

I would give him attention!!!!!!

Cuddly Scottish cow

Small Baby Bunnies

One year makes a lot of difference

When the traffic makes you question if you really are a good boy...

Well hello there, seapupper.

Loki playing outside.

Malamute won't let owner stop petting them

Valiant escape attempt

Thats a mighty fine hat sir

See you later SUCKA - Puppy Betrayal

Today Dog Birthday celebrating

Yogi and his headband Poptart

This little guy visited us for his first doctor visit today!

"What is this? It falls from the sky!"

Wife has sent me the following with "Its called Fashion Brad, look it up"

This is Gertie Bean. She doesn't get a lot of compliments.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Who says black cats aren't photogenic?

No biggie, just a bumble bee's butt.

November vs. December

It's little Munchkin Minnie!

This our dog Winnie, she is a character. She loves to hoard people food, trash, lids, basically anything that people use that she can get her little paws on. And around last year she found the twizzlers and became famous.

A pile of towels

All clean now

Haters gonna hate, Mommas gonna mom

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier

Floppy the Bunny

My handsome pupper!

My shy new friend... First day in a new home

Next level purrito

Dis my toy now!

Strike a Pose..

Photo of my cousin's cat. My grandma sent it to me and told me I had to put it on the Internet.

Paddy cake Paddy cake

You've come to the wrong neighborhood

Puppy finds a new archenemy

Happy Doggo had a Farm Visit

I am the king, let me free