Friday, September 30, 2016


"Was that the can opener?"

Even the dog is badass this time

Momma cat brings kids to meet extended family

Adoption day and a year later

baby trolls Dad by spoofing pain

My dinner disappeared. Wonder where it went

Pretty Cool

Husky Nap

Cute kitty walk

With the big Bro.

My crew has a strict 2-tone theme going on

Nice catch!

They only have eyes for each other

New York squirrels will just tap you on your shoulder and ask "you gonna finish that?"

This is his windy face

My cat steals potatoes and walks around like a boss.

A skeleton Puppy out trick-or-treating this October! (x/post /r/petbehavior)

So thoughtful

Little kitty elf

Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I'll get all three of you!

Cute Baby Warthog

I've had these cats since they showed up as stray kittens! 12 years together

Meet Jack

Wink and smile

Bella's first visit to the vet

Cat Playing With Chicks

True friend hug

Baby and Cat have a bonding session

"But Mom, I'm exhausted!" Here's a creature called a pangolin carrying its baby at a zoo in Bali, Indonesia

This is my human!

Snuggling up

Not the typical /r/aww animal, but found this little guy on the train tracks so we helped him out. And named him Godzilla

Not even a year old and already helping out around the house.

Little guy is not a quitter

Ferrets playing

Gave a neighbor a pair of my oldest ABUs. He made this for his therapy dog to wear when they visit Disabled Veterans.

My peanut with her peanut on adoption day

Her name is Pancake and she is now mine.

"Beware of the dog"

This is Tuki, he's been my best friend for 20 years

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This guy . . .

Fox's Smile

Potato is a terrible drinking buddy

Old dogs are cute too

Nose tickles

Danger is my middle name.

No, I love stump. Stahp.

Best day ever