Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Nothing can stop me!"

Always been a dog person. Never had a kitten or cat in my 26 years. Today my SO convinced me at the humane society. Couldnt be happier! Here's her and Jupiter taking a cat nap.

Sassy puppy.

Baby armadillo loves a good tickle

*num* *num* *num* *num* *num* *num*

A sneak attack

Little blep

After 2 long years without a dog, I decided to double down and get 2 from the same litter. Reddit, meet Ellie and Mac!

Fred went to the vet today. We found out, after four years, that Fred is actually a lady. Fred is fabulous.

First animal that understood me when I said 'smile'

Munchkin kitten

On my cake day, I hereby present my cat, Frankenstein, sleeping with her face buried in her hands.

Boxes are like magnets to cats

Reddit, his name is Merlin and he is beautiful.

Instant Regret trying to catch that tail

Sorry Babe, I couldn't just pick one...

It's going to hurt, isn't it?

not the usual aww, but this baby picture of my snake always makes me laugh

You can come in too!

Pained me to have to change gears.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A game of cat and house

When you can't ignore that face

First time puppysitters weren't sure how she kept getting out

Best hat ever


He makes it hard for us to leave for work everyday.

Sleeping raccoon

Excited baby fennec fox.

Little dude loves his orange

Double pounce

Where's Waldo?

He's just sick of his human's shit

That Eddie guy must be a true gentlemen

This old girl joined our family when I was twelve. Now she's twelve and a little tired, but still kicking

Anytime you mention a bath he gets a little spooked.

My lab does not know personal space

His name is Bear

Fox Thinking Sheets Are Snow

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

English Bulldog having a bad day.

Baby gorilla chest pounds for the first time

Shaking hands with a terrifying monster of the deep.

Keeping your dog amused with a solo-treats-game

This makes my heart melt

I rescued a stray cat who was apparently pregnant. My dog is in kitten heaven.


He sits in my lap like a human child

Kitten kisses

"I just want to be with you"


Found this fuzzy little guy hanging out on my deck yesterday.