Saturday, April 30, 2016

Loves the snow!

I went to a smoke shop and ended up meeting this little guy. His name was Mayo!

He likes driving around

Just a puppy sucking his thumb

Enjoying a spa day

Little Husky

There's always that one friend with "personality."

This is Hillda! She is about to have her 40th birthday party and she loves to smile!

Stuart Porter caught this image of an African bush elephant in Amboseli National Park in Kenya

The struggle...


"Be honest with me doc...are the results bad?"

Just saved this little guy from being run over

This gorgeous girl turns 14 this year. She has been my best friend since the day I saved her from the streets in 2004. My sweet Lady Luck

Say hello to Ryder, my two month old black lab puppy

I'm content

Always has to be higher than me

When Dad says "let's go" and all I want to do is eat my leash...

He's 12. He just watches the squirrels play now.

She's been very suspicious of me since our last vet trip

"Why, can't they just leave me be... Ugh."

Friday, April 29, 2016

Today, my handsome Yellow Lab, Tobi, turned 15. He's deaf and a bit blind, but he's still hanging in with his pup attitude.


A local Jr high kid has his service dog go to school with him every day. The school did this.

My 85y/o grandma recently adopted an old pitbull. He's a total marshmallow.

"Is he... gone?"

Blue always looks after his tiny person . . .

Such Floof

Notice me!

Comparison of my puppy from 3 months ago and recently.

Teddy bears make shelter dogs smile!

My cats look like they're plotting against me.

Leaving work on a Friday


Well hello there

Had my last round of chemo today!

Hey there, got any treats?

Bath time!

Our new puppy learning to run

How can you not love this happy puppy face?

A chick with a fancy hat

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My friend's cat comforts his brother when he is freaking out at the vets.

A fighting ladder

Cheesy Physical Therapy

Sleepy bunny with white paws

A cat found its way into the zoo and came across the meerkats

Unsure if I've got a puppy or a bear cub here...

He may be getting old in age, but this face will never get old to me

Golden Retriever puppy in training

I met these two cuties today